For Teachers

This wiki is a place for your students to learn about timezones and what is happening to children in other places during the day. Your students can add a column to the 2010-2011 Time Zone Chart page, following the format of the example that is there. You can have your students work in groups or individually to create content to show us what they are doing during each hour of the day. They can make a video, an animoto, a podcast, a VoiceThread, etc. and add this to the pages linked off the Time Zone Chart. If you have time, please follow the same format for the 2010-2011 Month by Month page on the wiki. Let's discover how different we all are or how similar we all are.

Please be sure all work is created by your students. Let them research times in their area compared to GMT. Let them find out what GMT is and why we use it. This should be a student created wiki.

You can find out your time zone time compared to GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) here.

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To enhance the collaborative nature of this project, please remember to label student work with your class name and to hyperlink projects back to your class website or student blog pages. Please e-mail us pictures of your students participating in this project in addition to posting them to this wiki.

Feel free to contact us for further information: Ann Oro for October 2010-September 2011. Lisa Parisi and Christine Southard -

Please note the license of this wiki is Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0 Unported.