Here is a place for you and your classmates to reflect on your learning while create content for this wiki. Here are some guiding questions:

  • How did you find the information about time zones that you added?
  • What tools did you use to create content?
  • What surprised you most about the information you learned?
  • What struggles did you have while researching or creating content?
  • Did you find a class with which it would be easy to work synchronously?
  • Did you find a class with which it would be difficult to work synchronously? Why?

In response to these questions, you may choose to blog about your ideas, draw pictures, write essays or create a web 2.0 response that meets your needs. This choice is yours. Just please remember to include your class name and hyperlink back to your class web/blog site.

VoiceThread Reflections

Here are two VoiceThreads where you are welcome to comment on your assigned time and/or experiences with this project.

Blog Reflection Links

Picture Reflections

Essay Reflections


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