September 2008-September 2009

GMT Time Please note: Each time is hyper linked to a page for you to add your creations. Click on a time slot and show us what you are doing during each hour of the day. Make a video, a podcast, a picture, a poem, a song....be creative.

(GMT) Ealing, West London,


(Falcons Girls)

(-4 GMT) EDT - New York, USA

(The South Paris Collaborative)

(-4 GMT) EDT - New Jersey, USA

(-5 GMT)


Mattoon, Illinois, USA

(-8 GMT) PST - California, USA

(PDT is -7 GMT)
(+8 GMT) WST
Perth Western Australia

(+10 GMT) AEST - Melbourne, Australia

(+1 GMT)

Lucerne Switzerland

(-5 GMT)
Central Daylight Savings Time
Memphis, TN

It's 8:00 PM. Some people are eating dinner and some people are going to sleep.
Our Time: 8:00pm. We are getting ready for bed.

Our Time: 4:00PM Pacific Standard Time
Most St. Martin students would be doing homework or studying. Some would also be watching T.V. On weekends many of the St. Martin students would be watching T.V
Our time:
8:00AM. Normally we would be getting to school in the morning.Some people don't get to school as early as some and some people would just be getting out of bed!


It's 9:00 PM. I am getting ready to go to bed. This is my last few minutes to watch tv.

Our Time: 5:00pm Pacific Standard Time
A lot of students in California would be either playing outside,
playing a game, or getting ready for dinner.
Our time: 9:00AM
we just got into our first proper session at school.
We go to our home rooms for a short 15 min session. Then we get into our subject classes.


It's 10:00 PM. At 10:00, we are watching tv or sleeping on weekdays. On the weekends, I am always up watching tv at 10:00.
Our Time: 22:00 - 10:00pm. 33.3% are going to bed at night when they don't have school the next day.

Our Time: 6:00pm Pacific Standard Time
At 6:00pm I might be having dinner or be doing some homework. On weekends I might be going to the movies.
It is 10am for us. We have just started our second session of the day. We are about to have an awesome break. It is when we can eat and play!!!!:)


It's 11:00 PM. Right now, we are sleeping. I go to bed three hours before 11.
Our Time:11:00 pm. At my time most fifth graders at St. Michael school are asleep.A few are awake reading or watching tv.I know I am!

Our Time: 7:00pm Pacific Standard Time
I would probably be playing Xbox360 or watching television at this time on week days and weekends. Some 5th graders might be finishing up homework or playing on a sports team at this time.
Time: 11:00am
At this time we would be at school and recess would have just ended.
It's 1pm (13:00 hours) and we are usually out to lunch. If you click on the 3:00 <<<that way yout will be able to watch some videos that Me and Mallory have made. On weekends at this time we might be playing sports in a team eg: netball, calisthenics, soccer, basketball. If we are not doing this we would be relaxing at home, either watching tv or be out socialising with friends.


It's 12:00 AM or midnight. We are all sleeping and having great dreams (or horrible nightmares). I once had a dream that I was so smart I skipped five grades - 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th.
Our Time:0:00 or 12:00 midnight. Some fifth gathers are sleeping, and watch TV.

Our Time: 8:00pm Pacific Standard Time
I would be playing the xbox360 or watching TV with my mom or dad.
25% of St. Martin's students would be going to bed in between 8:00 through 8:59pm on a week night. On weekends or vacations St. Martin's students would not be going to bed yet
Our Time 12:00 midday we would by working at school on different subjects each day.
14:00- On a weekday we are in our last period, doing subjects like maths or humanities. On weekends we may be playing sports or having friends over.


It's 1:00 AM. At this time, we are all sleeping. I am dreaming I am in a basketball game. My team is losing by 12 points. Then the other team starts missing all of their shots. Next my team starts winning. The score is 74-72.
Our Time: 1:00 am. Everyone is sleeping.No one is awake.

Our Time: 9:00pm Pacific Standard Time
I would either be finishing watching t.v or getting ready for bed. On weekends I would be staying up watching t.v over at a friends house or relaxing. Ten people in our class go to bed on school nights eight people in our class go to bed on days they do not have school.
Our time: 1:00PM We would be in the middle of lunch. Most of us would be playing handball or eating food.
This is 3:00PM for us and at this time our school bell is just about to go and everyone is rushing to pack up their books.


It's 2:00 AM.
We are all sleeping. Some sports games that started late might still be on.
Our Time: 2:00 am. All the fifth graders are asleep. Maybe someones having a dream.

Our Time:10:00pm
Pacific Standard Time.
During school days at 10:00p.m 10 people are almost asleep and 4 of us are already asleep and 2 of us are still awake in our class. During the weekends 9 of us are up for a long time and 4 of us are getting ready to go to sleep and 3 of us like going to bed early on the weekends.
Our time: 2pm we are in maths studying for a upcoming test on time.We are also making clouds in science in the next period

It's 7AM here in London,and most of us are getting ready for school.Some people usually have cereal for breakfast, and go to school by car.
It's 3:00 AM. We are sleeping and having good dreams.
Our Time: 3:00 am. All of the fifth graders are asleep at 3:00am.Maybe some people are having dreams.

Our Time: 11:00PM Pacific Standard Time.
16 St. Martin's 5th graders would be sleeping on school nights. On the weekend 15 St. Martin's 5th graders would be sleeping and 1 would be up playing video games. I would be in bed on school nights.On the weekends I might be up playing or watching TV.


It's 4:00 AM. We are sleeping. Maybe the birds are starting to chirp but I don't hear them because I am sound asleep.
Our Time: 4:00 AM. Most fifth graders now are sleeping and having a variety of dreams.

Our Time: 12:00am (Midnight) Pacific Standard Time

At 8:15 we start school.



It's 5:00 AM. We are still sleeping. It is still dark but the sun is starting to rise.

Our Time: 1:00am Pacific Standard Time

10:00 AM
at the moment we are doing ICT and creating a podcast for you to listen to (click on 10 and you can hear it).
It's 6:00 AM. Half of us are sleeping. The other half is waking up. On the weekends, most of us are still sleeping.
Our Time:6:00 am. Most people are getting a last hour of sleep and dreaming a dream. But, very few people are either getting up to take shower.

Our Time: 2:00am Pacific Standard Time


It is 7:00 AM. We are getting up and getting ready for school. Some of us will be leaving early for band or orchestra practice. On Mondays and Fridays, some of us will be going to intermurals.

Our Time: 3:00am Pacific Standard Time

At 11:45 we go home to eat lunch.


It is 8:00 AM. I am usually getting ready for school.
Our Time: 8:00 am. On Thursday, some of us are at school doing work.

Our Time: 4:00am Pacific Standard Time

In England we eat packed lunch, but some schools have hot meals instead in some sort of a school canteen.
It is 9:00 AM. We're starting our morning at school at this time. We're saying the Pledge of Allegiance and preparing for our morning meeting.
Our Time: 9:00 am. We're finishing religion and going to math. At 9:00 am, we are just starting math. At 9:00 am on Wednesday, we are in Religion then Math.
It is 8:00 A.M.
We are in school
sitting in the gym
on the bleachers
until about 8:30
A.M. and our teacher comes to
get us. She takes
us to the room and we say our
"memory verse" and
then we say the
"Pledge of
Allegiance to the
Flag". On Monday
we go to art, and
we go to music on Tuesday and
Thursday. On
Friday, we have
Breakfast Club.
Our Time: 5:00am Pacific Standard Time

At 1:30 we go back to school for two or three hours.


It's 10:00 AM. In school, we are at gym or we are having snack. On the weekends, I am usually watching tv or hanging out with my parents.
Our Time: 10:00 am. On the weekends, some 5th graders at a sport. Also some 5th graders are sleeping in. On Monday, we are in music but almost done. On Wednesday, we are in the middle of Math. On Friday, it is religion class.

Our Time:6:00am Pacific Standard Time.
On a school morning 56.25% of the kids in our class are getting ready for school.
Most kids in California would be sleeping at 6:00am on weekends and vacations.

At 14.00 GMT we are usually asleep, or having a party! It is midnight in Melbourne and it is very dark outside. The weather is usually cold, especially in winter. In Australia, we prefer summer but it is spring now on the 1-9-08.


It is 11:00 AM. In school we are working on projects. On the weekends we might still be sleeping, although this is pretty late to still be sleeping.
Our Time: 11:00 am. Social Studies, recess, lunch. On Monday, we are in social studies.Which is history...I guess. On Wednesday, we are in Social Studies. On Thursday, we are in Math class but,then we go to Lunch at 11:06.We are at recess between 11:06 and 11:15. On Friday, we're in social studies.
10:00 A.M.
My class is in Reading. Most Thursdays, we are taped, and most Fridays, we are in the computer lab. After we were done taping, we get ready to go to recess.
Our Time: 7:00am Pacific Standard Time
When I go to school 37.50% of kids in my class wake up to go to school during this hour including me.On the weekends 18.75% are waking up On the weekend I am sleeping in.


It is 12:00 PM. We are eating lunch.
Our Time:12:00 noon. On the weekends, we're eating lunch. On Tuesday, we go to reading class. On Wednesday, we are in the middle of Reading. On Friday, my class is in Reading. We just started.

Our Time: 8:00am Pacific Standard Time
Most of the kids in California are in school at this time during a school year. On a Saturday during a school year 12.50% of the the people in my class are waking up, or getting ready & on a Sunday morning 37.50% are getting ready or waking up & on a day when there's no school the next day 25.00% are waking up or getting ready. On a weekend 68.75% are sometimes doing sports going to church, etc. 25.00% do activities on weekends & 6.25% don't do activities on weekends.

At 5.00 we are forced to complete our homework.
It is 1:00 PM. My class is just coming back to class from recess. We usually come in and begin our math lesson.
Our Time:1:00 pm. They are going to Science with Mrs. De Man. On Monday, we are in Reading between 1:12 and 1:54.Between12:30 and 1:12 we are in Science. On Tuesday, we're in science. On Thursday, all of the fifth graders in St. Michael's School are in science class at 1:00pm. We learn so many things from our science teacher.

Our time is 9:00am Pacific Standard Time
All of the 5th graders would be in school on the weekdays doing English. 31.25% would be waking up on the weekends. I would be in school on the weekdays.On the weekends I would be brushing my teeth.

This year we are sleeping at 3:00 am but in later years we may still be coming home from a night out.

At 6:00 People like to relax, and watch
It is 2:00 PM. Our class is doing work. Sometimes we are doing math, or podcasts, or writing.
Our Time: 2:00 pm. On Tuesday, the 5th graders in my class are in Gym and running around. We are having fun. On Wednesday, we are in spelling. I like to spell. On Thursday, my class is in English which is our last period. We
are almost done.......HOORAY! On Friday, it is spelling time.

Our Time: 10:00am Pacific Standard Time
Monday we are at music. Sat-Sun most
people are asleep or watching t.v. at 10:00
most people relax or go out, Four StM 5th graders are waking up at this time on weekends.


It is 3:00 PM. It is the ending of school. We are packing up to go home.
Our Time: 3:00 p.m. During the school week, we are leaving. On Monday, we are just getting out of school. Some people went to after care. On Tuesday, we are doing homework, playing,or getting out of school. On Thursday, I am at home doing home work. On Friday, most kids are going home. Some kids are in aftercare.

Our Time: 11:00am Pacific Standard Time
When I am in school I would be at recess,
If it is the weekends I would be playing a game.
If I was on vacation I would be in Florida or Cuba playing a game.


It is 4:00 PM. We are playing outside, playing video games, doing homework, or having an early dinner.
Our Time: 4:00 pm. We have all ready been let out of school but some kids do activities.

Our Time: 12:00pm (Noon) Pacific Standard Time
Most of the time we are going to have lunch or we are doing math.Sometimes we are praying before we have lunch at 12:15,or going to Burger King at 12:00. We also may be at Skateland on the weekends with our friends.

Usally at 9.00pm we get tucked up in our our cosy beds until we fall asleeep.
It is 5:00 PM. I might be playing Wii or doing homework while waiting for Dad to make dinner.


Our Time: 1:00pm Pacific Standard Time
When I'm at school at this time I am most likely writing notes or in computers.
When I'm not at school I'm probably playing a video game.

At 21.00 GMT it is 7.00 am in Melbourne. We are usually waking up and eating breakfast (Vegemite on toast) then we might have a shower, before school starts.

It is 6:00 PM. Most of us are eating dinner. Some foods we like to eat are pizza, chicken, steak, and meatloaf. Others are eating different foods.

It is 5:00 P.M.
Most of us are getting ready to
eat supper and somebody in our home is fixing it.
Many of us are still playing, watching
T.V., or working on homework.
Hannah likes to play soccer with
her cousins.
Our Time: 2:00pm Pacific Standard Time
At 2:00 we are doing history.On Thursdays we have computers.
But on the days,
when I'm not at school at 2:00
I'm hanging out
at my house.


It is 7:00 PM. I will be eating dinner and playing some video games.
Our Time: 7:00 pm.
At 6:00 P.M. every night I eat dinner. After dinner, I take a shower, get my p.j's on, and watch t.v. in my sister's room.
Our Time: 3:00pm Pacific Standard Time
I will be getting out of school. Week ends I will be playing
or I will be at a game.


It is 8:00 PM. We are getting ready to go to sleep. We might be taking a shower.
Our Time: 20:00 - 8:00pm. 19.0% go to bed at 8:00 but most of the class is up.

Our Time: 4:00PM Pacific Standard Time
Most St. Martin students would be doing homework or studying. Some would also be watching T.V. On weekends many of the St. Martin students would be watching T.V.